LTD «Chyhyryn cannery» is located in Chyhyryn, Cherkasy region. The area on which Chyhyryn is located belongs to the most ecologically clean regions of Europe, and the fertile lands are among the best on the territory of Ukraine.

The enterprise was established on the basis of the «Chyhyryn foodstuff factory», known not only in Ukraine, but also abroad since 1927. From the beginning of the foundation, and until now, ecologically clean fruit and vegetable products are produced here, which has received the love and trust of consumers.

In 2002, Chyhyryn cannery started production of products under the trademark «Chyhyryn».

Today, the company produces high-quality marinated cucumbers, tomatoes, assorted, squash caviar, tomato paste, sauces, vegetable and fruit juices, beans and other products.